Thursday, August 11, 2011

A "Weighty" Issue

Ok, another semi serrious post topic today. Apologies in advance. I'm seeking advice from mother of daughters. Mine is 8. She a beautiful, super smart girl. The picture above is from our Girl Scount Camporee where she canoed, rocked climbed, hiked and did archery with enthusiasm. I've noticed recently (as have her pediatrican, grandmother, father and aunt) that she is looking a little heavy. She's has excellent eating habits. We rarely eat fast food and I pack her a healthly lunch everyday at school or camp, not school lunch in otherwords. Snacks consist of fruit or yogurt mostly. Least you think I am miliant about this, there are occasional treats of course. She's active and spends very little time watching TV or playing on the computer. Yet, still she looks a little heavy, especailly around the waist. The pediatrican said there was nothing to worry about, she was just getting ready to grow again and some of the extra body weight would become breasts and hips when she starts to go through puberty in 2 or 3 years. Thus far I have made no reference to the fact that she is a looking as she does but I wonder, how do you talk to your daughter about weight and body image? School will start soon and I don't want her to be teased or to feel bad. She is going to be a big girl. She has long legs and broad shoulders as well as being the tallest girl in her class. Any books out there you suggest I read? Any words of wisdom?


  1. Oh, I was SO awkward at that age until age 14. Lots of weight in my mid-section, with these ridiculous long feet and hands.

    The ped. is right, she needs the weight and then she will even out when she grows. It sounds like you are doing exactly the right things, take a deep breath.

    One thing, though, watch her and talk to her. If she feels terrorized at school or socially, be her best advocate...instill, instill, instill her with constant confidence boosting affirmations. She may shrug it off, but she WILL hear it and she WILL remember it...promise.

    Good luck. She is adorable!

  2. This sounds like a hard issue. I think you are handling it the right way though. I wouldn't feel the need to mention it unless she does, and then I am sure you will be supportive.

  3. How does your daughter feel about her weight ? Is she aware she is getting a bit heavy ? I think it would be best to take ques from her and not make too big a deal out of the situation. In addition, make sure knows she can talk to you about anything troubling at school. Good luck !

  4. Make sure that no one in your family, especially grandparents or her father make comments to her. Our triplets were pudgy at age 9, and grandparents commented. It has caused a SERIOUS weight issue with our SON. He gained 20 pounds the year before and LOST 7 this year when he should have continued to gain. He barely eats. It has become a huge battle. Don't mention it unless she does. It is true that children bulk up before they shoot up. She sounds healthy, normal, and fine. Girls need to know their fathers think they are beautiful and to not have weight made an issue. If you make it an issue, it will become a lifelong focus and struggle. I promise.

  5. I am still single and I can't give any advice in this area. I will just read the mothers advices from from your readers.

    It's good mom like you is so concern about her daughter's weight issue.

    You daughter is so pretty, by the way.

    Cassy from Guitar Made Easy