Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Button Front Skirt

These slightly flared button front skirts are everywhere this fall. This one is, of course, from J Crew but Banana Republic has an almost exact same skirt and I even spotted one at Brooks Brothers. I confess that I love the longer length but just can't make myself buy this skirt, although I have tried on all versions more than once. Why is that? I have tried switching tops, shoes, boots you name it. I confess that they look to much like the dowdy button front full skirts I remember growing up in the 70's. Maybe it was traumatic but when I put one on, I just see dowdy. I also suspect that it's not quite the professional look I am going for. I saw a girl on the street as I walked to the train station the other night and she wearing the heather acorn colored skirt from J Crew with the leopard print Tippis sweater tucked in and some great boots. Really she looked amazing enough that I was tempted to run directly to J Crew and hand over my credit card in a daze but then I looked again and realized that she was at least 10 (if not 20) years older than I was. Hey, at 41 I'm not all that old but this girl looked like she'd get carded at Target. Once again, I suspect that this skirt style proves the rule that if you are old enough to have worn or remembered the style the first time, you are likely to old to wear it when it comes back! What do you think?

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  1. To me it is frumpy. It reminds me of a RL skirt I had in 8th grade.