Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tying the reversible bow tie

I love bow ties on men. Sadly neither Hubby nor my oldest son are reallyinto them. My youngest son, however, rocks them. I think I've posted before with the great diagram below about how to actually tie one (not easy). I found it on www.socialprimer.com. I love that site and also their blog. If you have boys you are trying to bring up preppy it's a great resource. Especially if you don't live in the South or North East. Anyway, today they had a post on their blog about how to ties these great reversible bow ties. Essentially to acheive the two sided look above, in step 6 you twist the tail (the part in your left hand) around as you tie so that the reverse half shows. Social Primer makes these great reversible ties for Brooks Brothers and are avialable for purchase if you follow the linl above!

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