Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Wear Revelation

A while back I posted about the hole in my wardrobe that was casual weekend wear. Cozy cords and sweaters, cute outfits to run errands and the like. Kind of like this darling picture from Loft. They were just missing from my closet. Pencil skirt, button downs, dress slacks and heels? Check. Workout pants, sweatshirts, baseball caps and sneakers? Check. The middle was a gaping hole. Which of course I set about filling. Now I do have a small stash or cords. more casual button downs and sweaters. But you know what? I have hardly worn them. Last night, after a busy yet fairly routine weekend, I had a revelation about why. Let me give you the weekend run down. Saturday morning started early, I dropped AGB off for baseball, while I ran (and I mean actaully ran) over to the bank to meet the little league treasurer (I am the president) to change our accounts. Then after running back to pick up AGB we went back to the house. There, while hubby and OPB were out at the grocery store and picking up his new cub scout uniform I cleaned the house. Then Hubby took AGB to soccer and CMB and I rode our bike to the local high school where she had a tennis clinic and I played on another court with a friend. We rode home, showered before dinner and then watched a movie. Sunday I coached AGB's fall ball baseball game in the morning and hubby took CMB to lacrosse. I did get a lunch time shower and put on a nicer pair of shorts and cute top but most of the day (and all of Saturday) was spent in black yoga pants, a tee and baseball cap with sneakers. Suddenly it all made sense. Kind of like when your kids are small and spit up on you all the time, right now mine are all school aged and still young enough that I am involved in all their sporting activities. Although how I ended up little league president is a mystery. That hole was in my closet for a reason. I don't need many of those things because I don't have that kind of life right now. What do you think? Does that make sense? Do you have any closet holes that are actually serving a purpose?

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  1. I just picked up a very similar cape to the one above at Forever 21 for $50.

    I so understand. I have no dress up or work clothes because nothing I do really calls for that. I have work out gear, jeans, ballet flats, shirts from gap, jean jacket, cord skirts, puffy vests and casual boots.