Thursday, October 20, 2011

What is this?

OK, J Crew has a fabulouse promo going on right now with 25% off (everything) and free shipping with $150 (lower than their usual $175). Anyway, I was clicking around their site, trying to decide if I wanted anything and this, I hesitate to call it a top, caught my eye. More like seared my retinas. J Crew calls this the "Porcupine Popover". The description says it is a merino top with a "chiffon overlay embroidered with fabulous all over jewled fringe." It looks painful, and like it would catch on everything. The best part is that this, we will call it interesting, top can be your for the sale price of $395! Total fail. Would you buy this? Am I missing some amazing trend because all I can say is ick.

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