Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another Wardrobe Staple, The Camel Coat

A while back I did a post about one of my favorite wardrobe staple, a black cashmere tee. Well I have another one to mention, the camel coat. Mine is a cashmere, single breasted one the hits below the knee. I bought it at an end of the season sale, almost 10 years ago when I was preggo with AGB. Then it hung unworn in my closet for almost 8 years while I was a stay at home parent struggling with baby spit up and toddler mess. At the start of this last current cold season I noticed that my last years coat looked a little tired and unearthed this brand new coat from the recesses of my hall closet. It is still perfect and given it's absolute timelessness, still looks perfectly stylish. Wearing it today with my tartan perfect shirt, black cashmere tee, bronze ocher J crew pencil skirt and black boots I feel just like Dan Ackroyds preppy girl friend from Trading Places!

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