Thursday, December 8, 2011

Creating Holiday Traditions

Everyone has their treasured holiday traditions. Did you ever wonder how they got started? In our case, it usually starts with a one off experience that is so fun, it must be repeated and pretty soon it isn't Christmas without it. In our family we have a tradition about cutting down our tree. We live in the SF Bay area. For years, we have gone over to Half Moon Bay to cut down our tree. Three years ago, the weather was so nice, we went down to the water and had lunch. This time of year coincides with crab season, so we bought some crabs for dinner (YUM!). Suddenly it was tradition. Some years it is wet and some years fine. This year all the kids are old enough to enjoy the crab, clam chowder and calamari. In such small ways, traditions are born.

AGB holds up the treasure. Crabs for dinner!

It's nice to have AGB old enough to help secure the tree to the car. Having it fall off is my re-occurring nightmare!

Dad cuts it down although everyone wants a turn withthe saw!

A rare moment of fmaily togetherness, no fights on Christmas tree day!

MMB, I always get the final say on the tree!

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