Thursday, April 15, 2010

Feet, ok Shoes

Alright, I am going to try and not gross anyone out with my foot complaints. Which is why I have used this great sandal picture and not a close up of my foot. Here is my dilema, I love high heels and have been somewhat devoted to my collection of them. I have juliets, joleys, Isabellas, Fleur peeptoes, 2 pairs of the high heeled mary janes, well you get the point. I also have the lovely gold sandals above. Much of my work attire is pencil skirts with a little top, cardi and the heels.
Disaster has struck in the form of a bunion on my left foot. Not a just a bunion but it has also created a bone spur. Gross! I hate to even mention it. I still wear my heels, just for shorter time frames and not while commuting. I am certainly more comfortable in flats. Can I wear them with pencil skirts? I've alwsys throught that looked dumpy. Does the length of the skirt matter? The type of flat? Please share your style wisdon with me!

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