Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nothing like a little retail therapy

Well, I'm sure you all saw my pity party post from earlier. I decided to perk it up. 40 isn't old, I've got a stable job that I am good at, 3 great kids and an almost 15 year marriage still going strong. Lots to be happy about. Plus, Jcrew is having a 20% off plus free shipping sale. I grabbed the crackle copper pencil skirt pictured about. JBin SF stlyed it cute on her polyvore set up I am still open to ideas. Especially for shoes to wear with it. I'm hoping to wear it to the office so likely with cardigans and pumps. I also grabed the celosia cardigan in ivory. I have it in the melon color and love it. Finally I grabbed a bouys stiped popover sweatshirt. My oldest son has one and has almost outgrown it so this way I can pass it down to the little guy and then they will each have one. Love hand-me-downs! Tomorrow is Friday, I'm working from home and the weather has finally turned! Thinking Happy Thoughts!

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  1. I'll be joining the 40 club this August! It's a major turning point in everyone's life but we're still looking good! Love the skirt! Retail therapy always cheers me up. Happy Birthday. Enjoy! Congrats on the 15 yr marriage, 3 kids and being a great (fashionable) mom!