Friday, April 9, 2010

TGIFand OOTD 4/9/10

Well thank goodness it's Friday! It's a lovely day outside and I (of course) an in the office. Tomorrow (when I have to spend all day at Little League) it is supposed to get cooler and rainy. Them's the breaks I guess. Here is a polyvore of what I am wearing today. I over slept and didn't get a real picture. My blazer is actually a Brooks Brother boys blazer in sz 14. I found it for nothing on ebay. I love it an wear it all the time. I have a plaid one too! Striped bateau tee in camel, gold ballet flats and pretty necklace round it out. I've even got my glasses on today as I am having allergies and just couldn't get my contacts in. Mine aren't exactly like this but are similar tortise frames. Enjoy your weekend everyone and Happy Friday!

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