Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Thoughts on "To Thin"

There was a long discussion yesterday over on the Jcrew Aficianda blog about the recent Jcrew catalogue and whether the model on the cover was to thin. I concur wit most of teh comments there that yes, she's thin, but that is it her expression that bothers me. I went back to my photo archive and dug up these to other photos. Both are from the 2005 to 2007 time frame we all agree was the hey day of Jcrew catalogues. The time when I kept them, stalked pieces and still comb ebay looking for certain ones. One is from the awesome Paris Catalogue, one from the Scotland Catalgue and one is Holiday 2007. I think the models are Vanessa and Anouk. (Anouck is my all time favorite)

I think the biggest difference is that the models look happy, excited and most of all pretty. They are still thin. Certainly thinner than I am. But they make me want to look like them and belive that I could. This model looks like I feel when I take to much cold medicine. She doesn't look happy or excited or even very pretty. I don't want to look like her or wear those clothes.

I hate that this is turning to another rant about "the old Jcrew" but felt like the difference between these models embodies what I feel when I look at Jcrew these days. If I were Jcrew is would serriously consider that a bright smile and staight posture, maybe some brighter lip color make a person look alot happier. I thought maybe we were seeing that with the Lisbon Catalouge which was the best one in a while. What do you all think?

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