Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Rules for Basics

I've said it before and I am saying it again, I LOVE LISTS! So, in an effort to help me stay focused on my plan for simpler (read faster) dressing, I am creating yet another list or two to help keep me in line.

First, my basic goal:
1: Quick morning dressing (I have 3 kids to get to school and a train to catch, I don’t have the time to stand staring at my closet)
2: An outfit that will be office appropriate and maybe make it to a PTA or Little League (I am on both boards) meeting on the way home without making my feet hurt.
3: Warmth (I will not spend the winter wet or shivering)
4: Comfort (physically comfortable and mentally feeling confident and stylish)
5: Style (I will not fall prey to a look that is currently hip but I totally can't carry off but remain me)

Second, my rules for wearing layered basics without looking completely boring or feeling like a slob:
1: Think about poportion, at least half must be somewhat fitted. This applies more for weekend dressing as all my work pants are a straight leg, wool trouser. Some have a slightly wide leg but all are the standard trouser. Well frankly they are almost all the BR Martin pant.
2: A clear color palette for easy mixing and matching (I will be shopping for grey, black, plum, cranberry, and pale pink.
3: A little pop of color (This can include makeup. Lipstick helps tremendously. I am thinking the collar of a pink tee just poking out, burgundy tights, etc.)
4: Add depth (to add interest to the neutrals with texture and subdued print.)
5: Accessorize ( Scarves, gloves, chunky bracelets, interesting shoes, a great bag.)
6: A carefully edited closet and more selective shopping equals easier dressing. I've already cleaned out alot of my closet (which brings me to my next list…)

Building a better basic wardrobe shopping rules:
1: Get in the store (only buy online if I have already tried it on. This is important as I often impluse buy on ebay and the result has been a closet full of stuff that isn't quite right)
2: Thoughtful shopping (not trying to rush by buying a bunch of stuff online. Also applies when in store. Must take time in dressing room. The corollary to this rule is not to bring the kids. 3 kids whining and fighting or running around does not makes for a frazeling shopping expereince)
3: Don't be afraid to take it to the tailor and if it needs tailoring, get it done! This is another important rule for me as I have wider hips and a narrow waist.
4: No impluse or boredom buying (I sometimes use retail therapy when I should just take a walk instead.)
5: If it doesn't work in at least 3 outfits, pass.
6: Wait for sale
7: But remember it’s okay to pay full price occasionally. (only if it is to die for)
8: Just because it is on sale does not make it worth my dollar (even at 50% off, if it's not great then walk away) Again, this is a trap I fall into often.
9: Buy for the life I have, not the one I wish I had. I am me. As fabulous as that sequined mini skirt is, where am I going to wear it?

Do you have any rules or tips for wearing and shopping for wardrobe basics? Or favorite places to shop? If so please share!

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