Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When is a mini to much?

Here's my thought for today. When is a mini to much? I'm not really talking about when might a mini be inappropriate. I can pretty much figure that out. And I am not talking about micro minis such as the 15 inch minis J crew has been churning out. I'm talking about the cute reasonable minis, think 17 to 20 inches, from the past years like the one above. I see lots of cute fall looks with these minis and tights for fall. I don't think I would do bare legs and yellow wellies but I might do tights with those wellies. But I just turned 40. Is that to old? I'm not heavy and my legs look pretty good but is it just to young? What do you think? Maybe only in certain situtations? All thoughts and guideance appreciated


  1. I think with a long sleeve top, a mini and wellies (with tights) would look adorable on you!!! Like you said, you're not heavy-- I don't think heavy girls at ANY age should wear minis (speaking as a heavy girl!). Let us know how it goes!

  2. As a thirty-something, I struggle w/this question as well. I think the first key is confidence & feeling good/comfortable. I see women that are size 10 and up in minis that look great. I think either the style works for you or doesn't. And perhaps that changes depending on what's going on in your life. Good topic :-)

  3. Before anyone gets upset, *I* don't think size 10 is big. I just threw that number out there, guessing at the size of some SAs I've seen wearing minis in retail stores.