Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wardrobe Revamp -Basic Layers

I feel the need to reevaluate my wardrobe again. I look in my closet each morning and I don’t see a lot that is easy to throw on and still look chic. For this fall and winter I really want to move more towards a classic style of simple pieces and easy layers made interesting with great accessories.

During the week I take my 3 kids to school and then public transportation to the office each morning and it is usually rainy, muddy, and increasingly cold. I also work for a financial services firm but am not required to wear a suit. This environment hardly calls for a silk dress or bare legs and heels much less open toes. I also really hate the open toe bootie look. For one thing I just don't get open toed shoes with tights because if it is cold enough for tights, it is to cold for open toes shoes! I need to focus on adding more comfortable basics to my wardrobe.

The thing with basics though, is they need to fit great. I have alot of tops that are either too long, too tight, too loose, or too something else. It’s so difficult to find tops that are simple and drape well. It takes a surprising amount of time and pickiness to find basic layering pieces. It realy is an overlooked area. A perfect basic will last a long time and actually give you a better cost per wearing ratio than some wildly expensive perfect statement piece.

I’m making up some lists to help me stay focused( I love lists, don't you?)

What I don’t need:
Bright colors
bright prints
clingy material
thin cotton tops (as in no more Jcrew embellished tees)
button ups that gape
High heels or any hurty shoes
Ruffled tops (I feel like a clown)

What I do need:
deep colors: black, grey, navy, plum, cranberrys
longer (below the waist) tops
tees in non revealing scoop, boat, cowl, or vneck
long layers cardigans that can be belted
A new crips white button down (maybe with french cuffs)
Scarves (althought I struggle with exactly how to wear them)
A cool statement necklace and maybe a little more bling

I would love to find tops that are somewhat fitted and flattering around the chest and upper waist and then drape over the lower waist and hips. Not an empire waist though, I hate those because I always feel I look prego in them. It can be a fine line between the perfect top and that "is she or isn't she" prego period. I recall it cleary. Not going back there!

What I already have:
Black and brown flat boots
Trench coat and a great bright red winter wool coat
A variety of belts (although I’m not opposed to pick up another on sale)
denim pencil
Skinny jeans to tuck into boots
Cord for a fall/winter alternative to jeans
Plenty of cardigans, mostly clean lined basics (think Jackie)

Do you have a fall and winter wardrobe strategy? What look are you going for this year?
Also, where do you buy your basic layering pieces?

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  1. Great list! It's such a good idea to have a focus in mind when you go out to shop. I love the list idea.

    I just went through and seriously cleaned out my closet. Now I'm ready to add back in with many of the same items you've listed. Love all the jewelry these days and you don't have to spend much on it to really jazz up an outfit.