Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Riding Boot Fashion Question

Riding boots, always a classic and one that I love. I saw these brown ones on the J Crew web site today. Love, totally love but way out of my price range at $325.
However, I have these exact ariat black field boots at home in my closet. There's only one catch, I actually have ridden in them. Not a ton and not recently. I actually have a customer pair of Dehner riding boots that I normally wear. They are called dress boots which means they don't have the lacing. Any way, the point of the rambling is that I'm wondering if it is ok to wear real, actual riding boots? They've been cleans and polished to a shine, no horse poops. The only place you can see evidence of actual use is that the inside calf shows wear. As in it rubbed against the saddle. What do you think?

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