Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nothing like a little retail therapy

Well, I'm sure you all saw my pity party post from earlier. I decided to perk it up. 40 isn't old, I've got a stable job that I am good at, 3 great kids and an almost 15 year marriage still going strong. Lots to be happy about. Plus, Jcrew is having a 20% off plus free shipping sale. I grabbed the crackle copper pencil skirt pictured about. JBin SF stlyed it cute on her polyvore set up I am still open to ideas. Especially for shoes to wear with it. I'm hoping to wear it to the office so likely with cardigans and pumps. I also grabed the celosia cardigan in ivory. I have it in the melon color and love it. Finally I grabbed a bouys stiped popover sweatshirt. My oldest son has one and has almost outgrown it so this way I can pass it down to the little guy and then they will each have one. Love hand-me-downs! Tomorrow is Friday, I'm working from home and the weather has finally turned! Thinking Happy Thoughts!

As good as it gets?

You know that scene in the Movie "as Good As It Gets" where Jack Nicholson walks out of his doctors office and says to the other depressed people in the waiting room, :Did you ever wonder, what it this is as good as it gets?" and they all lose it. That's how I have been feeling this week. Just bleh, not sad, not happy just bleh. It's been unseasonably cold and wet here in Norther California which may be part of it. Also, my 40th birthday continues to creep closer (the nerve of it) and none of the things I thought I would have done by 40 are done. Maybe I am having a mid life crisis? Quick someone get me a red porsche!

Friday, April 23, 2010

One Thing

Amid the overly thin spaced out models with blah nude makeup that has become the norm for Jcrew catalgues I found this cute outfit in the new arrivals on line and my heart lept. Sure she's thin but looks pulled together and polished. I promptly bought it. I already have a bridel leather belt and plan to wear it with brown wedges or possibly gold sandals. It is the new linen pencil skirt in flax and the price point was good (for J crew) at $88. It comes in 2 other colors, a dark gray looking color and white. If I love this one I might buy the gray. I also bought a white 3/4 length sleeved Kelly shirt since the Marina Striped one shown here is really sheer. Not very exciting but it reminds me that the "old JCrew" we knew and loved is still in there somewhere! Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What is Style?

"Style is what you are. It's your essential self." -John "Black Jack" Bouvier III

I read the quote above in a book about the younger years of Jackie Kennedy. It really spoke to me. I have been thinking about style and what it means to each of us alot. People have often said to me or asked me why I am so dressed up when what that means is I took a shower and did my hair. This applied when I was in college (and later law school), when I was 9 months pregnant with twins, when I had three kids at home under the age of 3, when I was a stay at home mom with a husband starting his own business. I have always felt that how I look on the outside is a reflection of who I am on the inside. Not in a shallow "status bag" kind of way but in a way that says I care about myself and I care about others enough to present the best of myself to the world. This kind of style transends whether you have a preppy style, a punky style, a romantic style or any other kind of style.

My personal style tends to be more classic. Pencil skirts, cardigans, dark trouser jeans, well cut shirts, ballet flats etc. Yes I mostly buy my stuff from Jcrew or get it on ebay or over at the JCA Exchange. What does style mean to you?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wish I Were There!

Doesn't this picture just make you long fo those lazy summer Saturdays? hanging out with friends and family and looking cute while doing it? I love Lilly Pulitzer, something about it just screams fun to me. Of course it is hard to be depressed in bright pink and orange. Summer is interesting here in SF. Usually it is sold and foggy. Not always, but it is a rare night you can hang in the back yard without a sweatshirt. The upside to that is sometimes we get to do that when it is snowing other places. Anyway, I saw this photo and was inspired!

Feet, ok Shoes

Alright, I am going to try and not gross anyone out with my foot complaints. Which is why I have used this great sandal picture and not a close up of my foot. Here is my dilema, I love high heels and have been somewhat devoted to my collection of them. I have juliets, joleys, Isabellas, Fleur peeptoes, 2 pairs of the high heeled mary janes, well you get the point. I also have the lovely gold sandals above. Much of my work attire is pencil skirts with a little top, cardi and the heels.
Disaster has struck in the form of a bunion on my left foot. Not a just a bunion but it has also created a bone spur. Gross! I hate to even mention it. I still wear my heels, just for shorter time frames and not while commuting. I am certainly more comfortable in flats. Can I wear them with pencil skirts? I've alwsys throught that looked dumpy. Does the length of the skirt matter? The type of flat? Please share your style wisdon with me!

Friday, April 9, 2010

TGIFand OOTD 4/9/10

Well thank goodness it's Friday! It's a lovely day outside and I (of course) an in the office. Tomorrow (when I have to spend all day at Little League) it is supposed to get cooler and rainy. Them's the breaks I guess. Here is a polyvore of what I am wearing today. I over slept and didn't get a real picture. My blazer is actually a Brooks Brother boys blazer in sz 14. I found it for nothing on ebay. I love it an wear it all the time. I have a plaid one too! Striped bateau tee in camel, gold ballet flats and pretty necklace round it out. I've even got my glasses on today as I am having allergies and just couldn't get my contacts in. Mine aren't exactly like this but are similar tortise frames. Enjoy your weekend everyone and Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Thoughts on "To Thin"

There was a long discussion yesterday over on the Jcrew Aficianda blog about the recent Jcrew catalogue and whether the model on the cover was to thin. I concur wit most of teh comments there that yes, she's thin, but that is it her expression that bothers me. I went back to my photo archive and dug up these to other photos. Both are from the 2005 to 2007 time frame we all agree was the hey day of Jcrew catalogues. The time when I kept them, stalked pieces and still comb ebay looking for certain ones. One is from the awesome Paris Catalogue, one from the Scotland Catalgue and one is Holiday 2007. I think the models are Vanessa and Anouk. (Anouck is my all time favorite)

I think the biggest difference is that the models look happy, excited and most of all pretty. They are still thin. Certainly thinner than I am. But they make me want to look like them and belive that I could. This model looks like I feel when I take to much cold medicine. She doesn't look happy or excited or even very pretty. I don't want to look like her or wear those clothes.

I hate that this is turning to another rant about "the old Jcrew" but felt like the difference between these models embodies what I feel when I look at Jcrew these days. If I were Jcrew is would serriously consider that a bright smile and staight posture, maybe some brighter lip color make a person look alot happier. I thought maybe we were seeing that with the Lisbon Catalouge which was the best one in a while. What do you all think?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

OOTD 4/6/10

Hi, this is a new try for me but this is my outfit of the day from yesterday. The Jcrew lattice skirt is this years outlet version but I really like it. The ruffles and roses tank is under an aqua cardigan from target. The harness belt is also target. I've added some brown wedges which are 9 west from a couple summers ago but they have hed up well. Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dear Jcrew, this is not a skirt

This may be a rant you have heard before so feel free to not read it. It has to do with Jcrew skirts. I am a tall lady at 5 feet 8 inches. A 14 inches skirt do not do it for me. Especially since I am not 16. Although frankly, even then they didn't do it for me. The above outfit, I won't even call it a skirt, looks like she wrapped the cookie monster around her lower half, or maybe a bathmat. All the skirts at Jcrew are either pencil or micor short. What gives? Remember the Belle skirt? One of my favorites. Or the Nicki? I love the pencils skirts but would really love a slightly longer, really Jcrew just 21 or 22 inches, pretty skirt for spring. Sigh, I'l keep hoping.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Little "Sunshine" on an otherwise chilly, wet Easter

Hi, sorry for the sever lack of posts recently. It was a chilly, wet easter here in Northern California. We went to my folks house where my sister and her kids were too. A good time was had by all. I was determined to wear my new sunshine peony skirt and did. However, rather than the pink Bria cami and flaz Holly jacket I havd intended to wear, I went with this berry color merion turtleneck. I thought it looked ok but I have to confess I think I should have belted it. What do you think?

Fashion aside, the day was great. We managed to get our egg hunt in early and avoid the rain. All the kids had a pertty good haul but A was the finder of the "golden egg" which contains a ten dollar bill. He was very excited and is already planning how to spend his riches. Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!