Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding - My Two Cents

Just about everyone in the blogging world has commented on the Royal Wedding so I thought I would give you my two cents. I did not get up to watch it. Here in California it was just to much the middle of the night. I had to come into work today and just couldn't do it. I do recall staying up all night to watch when Lady Di and Prince Charles got married but I was 11 then. Didn't have 3 kids to get to school and a job to come too. Any way, I thought she was beyond lovely. I saw a happy, confident young woman who knows just what she is doing. I wish her and Prince William all the best.

And then there are these two. Lady Beatice and Eugenia. They are the daughters of Andreew, Prince of York and Sarah Ferguson. I have to wonder if Lady Gaga had a hand in their outfits? And why their father (or the Queen?) didn't do someting about this earlier in the day. As I say to my daughter, "no, that's not going to work" I know that large and unusual hats are par of the course but these are just beyond words.

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