Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And the winner is!

Actually in a surprise finish the pecil skirt with heels has beaten the full skirt and flats as the choice most often made for office wear. I posted about this last week and my on going woes with these skirts and my feet. I poured over polyvore, looked closely at the women walking the streets of the San Francisco financial district with me and standing in line at Starbucks. Pencil skirts ad heels hands down.

Then in a final move, I tried on a multitude of outfits, shoes, tights etc and asked hubby what he thought. Blank stare, ok should have seen that one coming. Then I asked dear sis. Sisters will always tell it to you straight. I famously one time told dear sis when she came home from her freshman year of college that her a** was the size of texas. Cruel but true, hey she lost the weight really fast.

Anyway the upshot is that the full skirts are to short and sweet to look professional, especially in a big bank/brokerage firm where I work and especially when paired with flats. I am just going to have to deal with my feet by commuting in flats and wearing my heels at the office. I flat out refuse to commute in sneakers over tights. I get that it's comfortable, but like crocs, it offends my sense of style. Cute cushy flats I can do. So todays outfir consists of a navy pencil skirt from Banana Republic, white Elizabeth shirt and yellow michelle cardi worn with brown ribbed tights and brown boots. Better, I think!

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