Thursday, February 4, 2010

One, Two, Three strikes and you're out!

Well my Jcrew order came last night. Totally excited I tore into the package and disapointment ensured. The only piece I loved was the striped boatnecked shirt. I ordered in in slate but might go back and get the beige.

First, the napolitaon (sp?) skirt. It was just to bad for words. I thought the print was pretty and the material nice but a disaster on. It was to big the waist, to tight at the hips and to long. Strike one and back it goes.

Then came the stretch cotton pencil skirt in papaya. Better fit and great color, I thought it was a keeper until I looked in the rear view mirror. It was the "swanbut" skirt. I just couldn't get into the curved seams. While I certainly wouldn't class my fanny as my worse feature, I'd rather not draw that much attention to it. Strike two and back it goes.

Next up was the wool scarf in the papaya floral print. Well they sent the wrong scarf. The one in the package was the pink and grey version they also made in the mini skirt. It was pretty but I wanted the other one. Actaully customer service from Jcrew had already left me a message and apparently this was their mix up. The correct scarf is on its way and they are pating for the return shipping for the wrong one. Happy about that but it's still Strike three!

I guess I will have to actually make a trip to my B & M this weekend!

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  1. That's too bad -- I'm sorry. Online shopping takes a lot of patience. I recently ordered two items from Anthropologie and had to return both. Big disappointment!