Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stop the Presses!

I have more news on that gorgeous susnshine peony print! When I was pre-ordering it, the PS mentioned that there would also be a cardigan and a button front perfect shirt in the same print! She skirt will be $88, the cardigan $98 and she couldn't tell me the price of the blouse. I caved and ordered all three. My guess will be that the skirt won't fit and it will go back but love the print for teh spring and summer. Obviously I won't wear all three together but they will go great with items already in my closet. Now I am glad I sent those other skirts back!


  1. This print is so, so gorgeous. I'm drooling right along with you.

    Saw your earlier post about pencil skirts. Have you tried wearing them with you top/sweater untucked and belted higher on the waist? Longer cardi, belted also might elongated and smooth out the look for you.

    I'd love if JC would produce an A-line or two each season. I have a hard time wearing the fuller cuts that they have offered the last two seasons.

  2. I am in LOVE with this print. After all of the chatter about the scarf in this print I had to find your pictures. Great Blog and great taste! I am dialing jcrew right now to preorder this in the cardigan. Can't do JCrew pencil skirts:( Love them, but they do not love my hips.