Monday, February 1, 2010

Pencil Skirt vs. A-line?

I have been having a closet war lately. The pencil skirts are fighting the fuller a-line. I'm not sure who is winning. One one side you have the Belle Skirt from Jcrew fall 2008 (I think). This was a great skirt for me. It was long enough, came in great colors (I own the deep atlantic, the rhubard, the fog, the honey glaze and the sketchbook rose print) and most importantly set off my tiny waist.

I should break here to explain that my shape could best be described a pear. I am somewhat narrow on top and can wear a 6 or an 8 top. My waist is small but I have rounder hips. (three kids remember) I usually wear a 10 bottom.

The other side of my closet is the pencil skirt look I have tried to adopt since going back to work in the financial services industry. Jcrew pencil skirts are my favorite, naturally. They don't fit me well though. If I get them to fit over my hips, they are huge in the waist. Enter the alterations lady. I have a great one and have mananged to get three ones that fit well enough.

The quintessential dilema is this, the pencil skirt and heels look is the one I love conceptually. In real life, it's not so good on me. Add to that the fact that I have terrible arthritis on ankle, planter facistis and bunions. Yes, my feet are horrible. This means I am really more comfortable in flats. Flats don't look good with pencil skirts.

On the other hand, I struggle to make the fuller skirts and flats look office appropriate but must admit I look better in the black merino turtleneck, deep atlantic belle skirt, black tights and boots than I do in the pencil skirts.

Since one of my goals I wanted to acheive before I turned 40 was to finally accept my body as it is and not as I wish it was, I think the pencil skirts are losing the war.

What do you think? Do you have any tips for making these fuller skirts look more professional? My office is sort of 1 step up from business casual. Thanks, and may the best skirt win!

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  1. Hi! I would say make sure your fuller skirts aren't too full, and make sure they are of a substantial fabric. (So even in summer go with a very heavy cotton that isn't too twee...I have some very full skirts that when done for summer overdose on the floral/stripes/pattern thing.)

    Full can look young, so that makes it tough, too.

    That said, J. Crew does the best job producing fuller suiting skirts, I think they had a couple this winter that were divine!

    Good luck!