Thursday, February 3, 2011


Chantecaille is a luxury cosmetic brand avialable at Neiman Marcus. Once apon a time in my former life (read as before kids) I pretty much used their cosmetics and skin care exclusively. It is made in Switzerland and very pure. It is largely unscented and what is scented smells divine. The colors of their eye shadows are jusr glorious. They make you want to own them just o look at them. In the past they have also had pallettes that benefit a cause. I believe the current on is tigers. In my life now I just don't always have the spare cash to use their products exclusively but there is one product I can't give up. The Super Lip Sheer. It is described as haveing "The sheerness of a gloss and the convenience of a lipstick.• Sheer, glossy color with Vitamin E emollient protection" I really have to concur. The color I like best is called Maia. In the tube it is a scary bright pink but it goes one so sheer and gives just that perfect brightening touch of fresh pink. I wear it almost everyday and have gone through several tubes. To explore the world of Chantecaille just vist

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  1. I have been following your blog for a while as I have identified with many of the posts but I feel compelled to post today as Maia is my daughter's name and I'm dying to try this out. I don't wear any makeup but mascara and lipstick except for the occasional breakout for which I have found the perfect cover up that doesn't require foundation but I prefer lipstick to lip gloss and can't wait to try this one!