Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In the Navy!

I love navy blue and white. I've often posted about the importance of having a color scheme. Mine happens to be navy and white. I also do black and white, especially in the winter. I add a third color as an accent. In the winter it's usually gray or red and in the summer it is always pink or green. I might get nuts and throw yellow around too but not as much. Truely though, is any colro combination as perfect as navy blue and white? I am loveing the dress below from Kate Spade and have dropped many hints at home that it woul make my brithday complete. But in any combination, navy and white is crisp and pulled together. I can pack for a weekend, in all navy and white with my chosen accent color whether I am going to the beach, to a party in the city or hanging out at the little league field. It makes getting dressed in a hurry easy and simple as well as cutting down on random purchases that don't go with anything in my closet. Sort of like grown up granimals. I know I am showing my age on that one but I thought it was the best concept. I guess I still do.

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  1. I am a huge fan of navy blue. I did not like black on me for many years and am just now starting to wear it at about the same age you are:)