Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lands End Love!

I love Lands End. I personally love the new Canvas line and have always loved the totes. My current and most special love is for their girls clothes. My daughter, CMB, is 7 and in the second grade. She is very tall, blond and pretty. Ok, I'm biased but she's a pretty girl. Anyway, I find it a challenge to find cute girls clothes that are also age appropriate. I think children shuld look like children. She's outgrown the smocked dress age and it's been a struggle. She's also a bit of a tomboy and doesn't like tights or skirts. Enter the Lands End Knit Kit. CMB has been living in the play dress and tunics with leggings all winter. Today they are having a "Knit Kit" promo where all the pieces are 25% off. I bought the aborable dress and leggings below, another dress in navy and white stripes, 2 cute ruffled tees (one in the purple/white stripe combo and one in navy/white stripe) a cardigan and the capri leggings in navy and white. The best part is shipping was free and it all came to right at $100! I know a lady never talk about price but that's a great deal on clothes I know will cover her decently and last till fall. And if by some miracle they don't, I know Lands End will replace them without hassling me. Since she has outgrown absolutely everything from last summer these will be a good start. I've very fond of chosing a color scheme and having everything go together. This summer It looks like lilac, navy and white for CMB. I'll pick up some shorts in navy, white and purple as well as a few other tanks and tees and she will be all set. Of course Lands End is also a great place for boys. It's on of the few places I can buy clothes for my oldest, AGB, that he doesn't totally destroy before passing them to his younger brother. What do you think? Do you shop at Lands End?

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