Monday, February 7, 2011

Race Day

CMB and a huge jump. Almost taller than she is and certainly taller than the pony!

CMB on Baxter, MMB on JJ, and JAO on Guiness

This past weekend we took my daughter, CMB to a pace meet. The course where this event was held is terrific because it has jumps from the jump as big as CMB above to tiny logs about 18 inches high. CMB is just learning to jump and her pony is very small as you can see so those smaller jumps are perfect. In addition, my sister wanted to school that big black gelding as he had a crash last season and lost some confidence. We are having terrific weather here in Nothern California and so it was a great day. The pony was very good and so was the black horse. Sadly, CMB is rapidly outgrowing this adorable pony. She is ready to move on and jump a little higher though so we are considering all options.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I grow up riding and have lots of fond memories! xx