Friday, February 11, 2011

What I'm Reading

I love to read. It's one of my greatest pleasures. I am currently reading "a Thousand Days" by Arthur Schlesinger. It is an account of the Kenndey administration from someone who was actually there. Like many of us out in the preppy blog land, I am fascinated by JFK and the endless what might have been. I am a total history geek too. I doubled majored in history and philosphy at college which should leave you no doubt as to why I went to law school. Not a lot of jobs out there for someone in that field. Anyway, back to the book and out endless fascination with the Kennedys. I think it has to do with promise denied. What could he have done? We will never know. What really set JFK apart from other politicans before, or after, was to me his intellect. He too was an avid reader and always wante to know why. I sometimes feel that quality if lost in todays world of twets, facebook posts and cable television. It is much easier to fire back via email than present a rational reasonable arguement in person. Again, I am not taking polticial sides nor am I seeking to offend. I see this on both side of the spectrum. The acedemic, the intellectual is looked down on. This is a shame. More education is always better. Learning something new is always good. Different is not wong or bad, it's just different. I think Kennedy knew that and I strive to instill that in my kids. It's a very good book and well worth a read. Enjoy!

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