Thursday, August 22, 2013

Checking out Ann Taylor for Fall

It's been a long time since I shopped much at Ann Taylor. Somehow it seemed matronly and old fashioned, to old you know? I was into J Crew and Anthropolgie. Time change though and I'm not wowed by the looks coming out of J Crew. There was nothing I wanted in their most recent roll out that I don't already have and cropped drawstring sweats aren't my thing. I am 43 and I want to look pulled together and smart, whether at work or the baseball, soccer, lacrosse field. Anyway, I was walking by Ann Taylor the other day and saw a great series of pictures with Kate Hudson. She looked amazing, womanly and pulled together, just glowing! Well that was enough to get me into the store. Below are some of my favorites. I didn't have alot of time but I will be going back with serrious interest. 

This camel skirt with navy dots is my favorite. Camel and navy are my main color story during the fall and this is fun. I like the lenght (are you listening J Crew?) and the fact it's not a pencil as this shapes fits me better.  
 I also like this tipped navy/camel blouse. More than that I like that the model is clean and pretty, not a disheveled stick. She looks like me, which tells me maybe this is a better place for me to shop.
I like this blouse too. It's the same pattern as the skirt. I wouldn't wear them together but tucked into navy pants, just like this.

What do you think? Do you shop Ann Taylor?

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