Monday, August 5, 2013

Workout Wear

I recently decided that it was time to upgrade my workout wear. I'm recently decided that the 15 pounds that have slowly crept on since I went back to work full time about 5 years ago have got to go so I re-dedicated myself to working out. However, I realized that I had 2 grungy pairs of cut off sweats, 3 saggy and tired exercise bras and a bunch of oversized tee shirts with logos from baseball tournaments! Not at all stylish or inspiring. I didn't want to spend a fortune so I hit up Old Navy and was pleased with what I found. 

 This gray zip up is reasonably well made and I like the little hand warmer things. They come in usefull and make the garment seem more upscale than it is.
 This loose tank has enough support that I don't need a separate bra which I like. I'm not super busty though (34b) so you may find you do if your girls are more bodacious. It hides the muffin top that still lurks and yet drapes nicely.
I also bought a few pairs of these compression capris. I really like them and they seem well made. Do you have any exercise favorites? I'm glad I decided that exercise can be stylish too!

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