Thursday, August 15, 2013

They're Here!

After a long summer of practice and excitement our new firends from Toyanaka, Japan have arrived. If you follow me you might recall that my oldest, AGB, made a citywide all star team that particpates in a baseball exchange of 12 year olds with our sister city in Japan. We are hosting this year and two of the boys from Japan are styaing with us which really makes it even more exciting!

This is AGB in the middle with the two players who are staying with us, Toi and Yusuke. At this point they had just met and already they are having fun! 
 This picture is all the boys from both teams at the welcom lunch. The organizer said he had never seen the two teams bond as fast as this group did. Baseball and boys seem to be a universal language!
This is AGB, Yusuke and Toi in uniform and headed off to the first game! The boys from Japan managed to defeat the home team 6-4 in 6 innings. It was a close game and really well played. There are 4 more games to come!

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