Saturday, August 10, 2013

Getting Ready!

Here they are, the San Mateo Sister City Team. This is our final team photo, the boys from Toyanaka arrive Tuesday and we are super excited. Two of the players will be staying with us and AGB is so excited. We are cleaning and organizing this weekend so that everything will be perfect! Over the nextr week we will play 5 baseball games and have an assortment of BBQ's and sightseeing trips. It's a great experience and we are really looking forward to it! As it is the 50th anniversary of the exchange, the team voted to go retro with the uniforms, the are replicas of the ones worn by the very first San Mateo team in the exchange!

1 comment:

  1. So excited for will be a wonderful week full of great memories in the making!

    We are getting ready for my sons' 12U team to head to Cooperstown, NY to play the last week of August...sounds like we both LIVE baseball!