Monday, August 26, 2013

There's an app for that?

I've been trying to get more organized and also to fully use my tech tools and I came upon this article at Sweet Lemon Magazine about some top apps for orgainzation. You can read the whole article here  but these are the ones they recomend:

 1.    AGOGO
This innovative app will forever change your morning commute or walks between classes. AGOGO combines your music and podcasts with regularly updated audio sound bites on everything from hard news to entertainment. Customize your experience by adding select segments to a playlist. You can also access your daily horoscope and personalized traffic report based on your route. Oh, and did I mention it’s pretty?
2.     Headspace
Want to know how Emma Watson stays zen? One app, one word: Headspace. The app’s tagline is “the world’s first gym membership for the mind.” It teaches you how to train your mind and stay mindful of yourself and the world around you. Headspace makes meditation much less intimidating with a step-by-step training program and cool features to help further motivate you. After the free trial, you have to pay a small monthly fee to get the full benefits, but it’s a small price to pay for inner peace.
3.     Flashcards
The Flashcards app is, well, just what it sounds like. Make your own set of cards or browse through an extensive directory of previously created cards on a variety of topics, from presidents to Portuguese. Now you can study for your midterm wherever you are or simply exercise your mind on-the-go!
4.     Mint
For many of us, saving money can be difficult. Having a good grasp on your financial situation is key, especially when you’re starting to live on your own, and Mint helps you do just that. You can record all of your purchases and see how much you spend on what at the end of each month. Mint also tracks all of your credit and debit cards, so your money’s all in one place. Here’s to no longer pinching pennies!
5.     LinkedIn
A LinkedIn account is more important than ever for college students, recent grads and working professionals. Networking is necessary in order to get your foot in the door at a new job or to learn about a new opportunity. The mobile app goes one step further by giving you all the information you need for success at your fingertips. Why wait?

Have you used any of these? Like others? Please share!

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