Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy Birthday! Double Digits!

Hard to believe the two little babies snuggled together in the moses basket are turning 10 today! CMB and OPB were born at about 8 am on August 27, 2003. Twins are rarely easy to carry and appendicitis at 20 week but me on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy but I held on until 39 weeks which is great for twins! They were still so small but not anymore!

OPB and CMB shared this moses basket until almost 6 weeks. Possibly the last time they willingly shared anything!

Here they are this summer with their little cousin E. They really don't look anything alike and she has 6 inches and almost 20 pounds on him. Additionally, she wil be starting 5th grade tomorrow while he starts 4th. He had some developmental delays and just wasn't ready to start K at 5 but she was. When you have twins it's easy to think of them as a single unit but sometimes seeing the separate child inside the unit is a better choice. Best decision I ever made, but the subjec tof another post I think. Anyway Happy Birthday to my twins!

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