Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Cousins are an amazing thing. As I posted yesterday, we spent last weekend in Fresno for my Nana's 95th birthday. I included some cute pics of my kids with their cousins. On my side of the family, AGB at 10, is the oldest. My twins are next and then come my sister's kids and my cousins as well. They are all pretty close in age. And despite the fact we see the cousins in Fresno less frequently, they love each other and have a blast together. This post, however, is about my cousins. The picture above from left to right is me, my sister, cousin B and cousin E in the chair. We were not very close growing up. I am 10 years older than both of my cousins and we didn't live in the same city. Once E got married and had kids though, it was different. B isn't married but she is a favorite with the kids and has a great dane which makes her very popular. Cousins, sort of like sisters? We certainly all look alike. It's a running joke. Nana insists I am the tallest cousin when actually I am the shortest. I was just tallest first because I am oldest. Do you have cousins?

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