Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Racing Silks

I love horse racing so it no surprise that I was excited to see the new Kentucky Derby collection at Vineyard Vines. The racing silk pattern is my favorite. I am not sure I could do the shift dress but adore the belt and scarf and am leaning towards the matching tie for hubby. This year my twins are making their First Communion at a 9 am mass the first Saturday in May, ir derby Day. Hopefully the post mass brunch will be done by post time (kidding). I think that I may just turn the second half of the brunch into a Derby party. After all, everything will be set and ready to party! Actually going to Kentucky for the Derby is on my bucket list. How you ever been to the Derby? If so I'm jealous but I'd love to hear about it! if not, will you celebrate?

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  1. love, I cant get enough equestrian inspired apparel