Monday, April 4, 2011

The Season Ends

Many of you have seen my hunting season posts before. Yesterday was our closing meet. It was supposed to have been the weekend before at our favorite spot but all the wet weather we have had here has pushed it out and made that spot not ridable. It was a little sad because it is clearly CMB's last hunt on her cute spoted pony, Baxter. As you can see below she has totally outgrown him. Besides, her cousin EKO is 3 now and needs him. A new horse search is on this summer. If anyone knows of a sound, gentle gelding about 15.3 who has hunted before, let me know! Anyway, the day was rather blank (no good scent) because of the sun and strong winds but a good time was had by all. CMB on her pony and her grandfather (we call him Abu) on his horse. Abu is the field master here. The black ears are the ones on the horse I am riding.
CMB on Baxter and me on Katy
MMB (me), my sister JAO, Abu and CMB
Nothing cuter than the hounds! This one wants out!


  1. my mom grew up riding and fox hunting! though i've never done it, i think it is such a cool sport!