Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ok, redo

Ok, I have no idea what just happened. Blogger published my post when I hit enter and somehow erased all my text so this is a do-over of what was intended to be the previous post about premium denim. I just wonder if it is worth it. I have an extremely hard time spending more than $50 or $60 dollars on pants, that face it, I am supposed to wear to wash my car or to the stables. Now I don't work in an industry that allows me to wear them to work, except on Fridays and I don't have trouble shelling out for good quality work pants so maybe that's the difference. I grew up in Levis 501's and until recently, I bought my jeans at Target or wore Old Navy Flirt jeans. I also had one pair of fabulous J Crew downtown trouser jeans. Ultimately all eventually became to worn to continue so I went out looking. Ulimately I ended up with the jeans below, Gap 1969 Curvey Boot which I love. They cost 59.99. I also have a pair of J Crew matchsticks bought on sale for $29.99 and a pair of Banana Republic Urban boot cuts that I also love. See a theme? But then I began to wonder, would these Paige Premium Denim Hidden Hills Boot Cut McKinley Jeans be better? Would they somehow elevate my booty where it as never gone before? Sure they cost $189 at Neiman Marcus. Put in perspective, that's what it costs me to send AGB to a full week of full day baseball camp. Maybe he won't want to go this summer? Silly question, of course he does. But serriously, are they really that much better? I know jeans are a totally personal thing and some jeans just are perfect for some people. I promise I won't judge. I'm just currious.

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  1. i've never tried on paige denim, but i am a fan of designer jeans. many of the jeans i've bought at cheaper prices stretch out like crazy after just an hour's wear or are so stiff that i can't seem to breathe. sevens are the brand i wear the most of, but i also have citizens, hudsons, and joe's. i find that the stretch in designer jeans is better, because it allows you to breathe but also doesn't stretch out until after a few wears! hope this helps! i'd say the best thing is to go and try on some and then see how you feel!