Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tea and Champange, two of my favorite things!

Time for a more uplifting post. I've been bogged down with the sad events of the last week or so and feeling overwhelmed with all I am trying to get down, committments at the kids school, little league, the non-profit fundraiser I working on, etc. However, I am going to rise above, float there on a champange bubble so to speak. I love champange. I really love pink champange. Not that nasty stuff you drink at high school and college new Years Eve parties. That is the stuff that gives champange a bad name. I am partial to Domaine Chandon's pink champange. Not that I drink it often, but I know when I do the evening is special. And then there is tea. In my mind, tea is like champange for daytime. Good tea mind you. I am partial to a blend a company calls Murchies makes that they serve at The Empress Hotel in Victoria British Columbia. Hubby and I stayed there on our honeymoon, almost 16 years ago now. He gives me a box every year on our anniverary. On a more routine basis I drink Earl Gray with lemon. I have a huge lemon tree in my back yard so I never run out. I also like Twinings mint tea. Tea is somehow comforting, give me a steaming cup and a good book and I am in heaven. There is nothing I adore more than going to tea at a hotel. I also love mismatched tea cups. When I got engaged all my mothers and grandmothers friends gave a tea cups. Not the tea cups in my china pattern (although I have those too) but charming, pretty tea cups. I have 18. Tea Parties for birthdays are somehow very popular among the girls who are CMB's friends right now. We are planning a "Perfect Pink Tea Party" for her 8th birthday this summer already. I can't wait. So, are you a tea and champange person? Or is there something else you prefer?


  1. i'm so jealous you have a lemon tree in your backyard!

  2. I only like this really fruity tea from Poland. We have family that lives over there so they always send us boxes of the stuff. It's delicious! I still don't quite like the taste of champagne though...