Friday, April 1, 2011

Playgroup, 10 years!

Hi there and Happy Friday! This is totally late but I wanted to post some pictures from a great party we went to last Sunday, a 10 year reunion for our playgroup. It all started when my oldest, AGB, was about 4 months old. I was a new stay at home mom. I was pushing him through the park in his stroller and I saw to gals sitting on a blanket. I didn't know them but they had babies too! I went up to them and said "your babies look the same age as mine, can I sit down?" And Playgroup was born. We started out meeting on Thursday mornings. We drank coffee and ate bagles and compared stories about learning to walk, babyproofing etc. Slowly the kids got bigger and we all became great friends. We met at the park in the afternoons, we babysat for each other. Then the kids got older, we all had second babies about the same time and the older kids started pre-school. We switched to Thursday afternoons and now we ordered pizza and drank wine. Some folks had thrid babies. Now we numbered 8 moms, 9 first babies, 9 second babies and 3 third babies. When the first group of kids were in second grade it just got to hard to get together weekly. Many of us went back to work and there were some many kids the scene was kind of nuts. But we still get together every couple of months for drinks or a playdate in the park. This winter, all those first babies turned 10 so in true playgroup fashion, we had a party! P, AGB, J and R - the boys ar ein the hosue!
The dads, this is their normal posture when attending playgroup!
P, CMB and B, some of the second group girls
AGB, P and J - big boys and their pizza
MMB, T, K, S and A - We love Playgroup! Long may it wave!


  1. Great story! I know my playgroup was a lifesaver. My daughter is 9 and I still count those ladies as some of my best friends.