Friday, September 30, 2011

Am I the only one who thinks this is funny?

I know riding boots are big for fall. I love mine and once it finally gets cold here I wear them a ton. What I find funny is these two toned boots for women. Traditionally these two toned boots are worn by men. In the fox hunting world they signify a man awarded the colors of the hunt, similar to the red coat. My father and husband both have boots that look exactly like this. Well, theirs are made by Dehner, not Juicy, but still. Ladies who are awarded colors wear black boots with black patent tops (and black coats but the that's another post). My riding boots that I wear to actually ride in are all one color since I wanted to be able to wear them in the show ring and also the hunt field and the patent top boots are not correct anywhere but the hunt field. I know, it's a odd tradition but I can't bring myself to wear this type of two toned boot since I know what it really means. That, plus the fact that my father and husband laugh whenever they see these on women and offer me theirs. I do like the look. What do you guys think? Does the tradition behind something fade into the background when entered into the mainstream fashion world?

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