Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mommy Jewelry

I love "mommy jewelry" and wear a couple different pieces. Below are my three favorites but there are tons of other types out there. Do you have a favorite?
This sterling silver necklace is from a company called TJ and Co. They also make picture jewelry and things for dads as well as brides and grooms. It's a sterling silver ball chain necklace and three discs with each kids name. You can also get them in gold. Their website is www.tjandco.com. Stella and Dot also does something similiar with initals I think and you can find them at www.stelladot.com.

This my husband had made for me the first christmas after I had the twins. On the gold bar are the three birthstones. Garnet for AGB and peridot for the twins, CMB and OPB. The kids call it my "family key" necklace. I can't refer you to a web site since Hubby worked with a local jewelry designer who has also made my wedding ring. This one is my favorite!

This pin was a gift from my parents after I had the twins. It's a gold and silver diaper pin with three gold baby shoes. I really love it and usually wear it on the lapel of my red J Crew winter coat.

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