Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Pumpkin Shortage?

My sister just sent me a text saying I should run to the store and get pumpkins right away because there was a shortage this year. I couldn't believe it. Pumkpins just grown in a patch right? Here in Northern CA Half Moon Bay is the place to get your pumpkins. Starting in a week or so, the 1 lane windy road from the SF Peninsula to the coast will be bumper to bumper as folks flock to the patch. Anyway, turns out the damper, wetter, colder summer both here and around the country (Including Irene in the Northeast) has made for a smaller crop, both in size of the pumpkin and the number available. My sister knows I am a pumpkin slacker these days. When my kdis were small and I was a stay at home mom, we went to the patch every year. I even had cute matching outfits for pictures. Now mykids are all in school and I am at work during the days. Add to that the fact that at 11 AGB would rather be hung by his toes that seen at the pumpkin patch with his family in matching outfits and what you get is that I usually buy them at the grocery store the day before Halloween. Looks like I better get a move on this year. How about you? Are you a pumpkin patch visitor?

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I heard that when all the flooding was going on in the East Coast. Very sad, also get your canned pumpkin now. Although people have been saying that for 3 years now, lol! :)