Thursday, September 8, 2011

Preppy for the rest of us

I've always considered myself preppy. But the other day a friend told me that I could consider myself preppy but I was not a prep. His reasoning? I'm from California and plan to continue living here, don't have enought money, didn't got to the right schools (although I did go to private school which he considered marginally acceptable as opposed to where I am sending my kids), don't sail and I work full time. He of course hails from outside Boston, went to the "right East Coast prep school and college, is only living here until he can figure out a way to move back to Boston, sends his kids to private schools and of course, his wife doesn't work. I admit I was taken a back as they say

After considering his points, I have to say I disagree. Preppy isn't confined to New England, although I admit it was born there and remains perhaps the natural habitat of preps. To me being a prep is a state of mind. I value my family and my home. (hey, that's why I went back to work). I value tradition and try to celebrate it. The public school my kids attend is very good and they are thriving there. No, I don't sail because I get seasick on the dock but hey, I fox hunt and my daughter plays lacrosse. The picture above is my daughter with her grandfather at opening meet.

Preppy is a state of mind. It values tradition and manners. It appreciates the past and embraces the future. How many preps of the past would have blogged? Now there are tons of preppy type blogs. What do you all think? Is he right?


  1. No, he is not right! I grew up in Connecticut, love pink & green, anything nautical, yadda yadda. I went to public school and we werent members of a yacht club. That is very limiting to say only people who did this or that can be preppy.

  2. Grew up in Grosse Pointe, the "Midwest" but ur-Prep heritage. I live in Europe and there is a version of "European preppy", slightly more formal than the US kind, known in French as BCBG (bon chic bon genre) or is a continental version of British classic wear