Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Offical!

Welcome September! The kids are back to school with freshly sharpened pencils and new note books and fall is upon us. I do love fall, cozy sweaters, cord pants, log fires. Of course the leaves and general fall foliage doesn't look much like this here in Northern California. I went college in Connecticut and I remember how I loved the turning of the leaves. It was one of my favorite seasons. Of course, it won't really cool here and settle into fall for a few weeks but I ahve started to embrace the idea. This weekend the whites, seersucker and madras head to the back of the closet and the cords and cashmeres come to the front.


  1. I don’t mind folks using my photographs as long as they give me credit!

  2. Happy September! We can finally get into our Indian Summers

    love from San Francisco,