Monday, September 26, 2011

Colored Skirts and Tights?

I (and so many others) adore the beautiful colored pencil skirts J Crew is turning out this year. I was seduced by the amazing green one. It's not quite cool enough to wear it here yet but as I gazed at it hanging primly in my closet, waiting for it's day I began to wonder, what color tights and shoes and I going to wear with it? Frankly this stumped me enough that I considered returning it. I didn't buy the flame colored one but think I would wear it with chocolate or camel tights and boots or perhaps black or gray, depending on the look. But with the green I am not sure. Navy? Gray? Black seems kind of harsh and a little boring. I always have the best of intentions when it comes to tights but in reality, I usually only have black and brown ones in my drawer. What do you think? What color would you wear with this beautiful skirt?

1 comment:

  1. Hmmmm... that is a good question! I think gray might look nice.