Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brooks Brothers and the Perfect Gift

I love going to Brooks Brothers. Its like stepping back into a different world, especially in Northern California where people wear fleece out to dinner. There is soft music, pens in silver juelp cups. I can get hankies, bow ties collar points, knot cuff links and so on. Anyway I went today in search of a special gift. My oldest son A will be 10 on January 25. Don't get me started on how could he be that old. No longer a little boy but a young man. A very young man to be sure but still. I purchased a copy of the book "50 Things a Young Gentleman Shuold Know". I love those books. Back when my daughter was born my mother gave me a copy of the book "How to Raise a Lady". This one is really just common sense but I thought it was cute and very appropriate.

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  1. Brooks Brothers just makes me feel calm and happy whenever I step into one of their stores. That is a perfect gift for a little man!