Thursday, January 20, 2011

Supporting a Coffee Habit

I've always had a coffee habit. Even before coffee was fashionable. It started in college, really grew in law school and really spiked when I had three kids under three. (twins born when the first child was 2). Anyway, now that I have gone back to working full time it is in full swing. I admit to loving my Starbucks lattes but that's an expensive habbit. Anyway, I have developed a stategy to support my habit without breaking the bank. First as seen above I make coffee at home. Then I fill my cute pink polka dot mug (not sure if you can see it but it has my monogram). This I drink in the car while driving the kids to school and myself to the train. I also fill the cute blue and green thermos (a gift from my mother in law) with coffee. This I put in my tote bag and take it to the office. It gives me 2 full cups of coffee, hot and just like I like it, when I get to the office. Then I can save Starbucks for a special treat. Do you have a coffee habit? If so, how do you spport it?


  1. Coffee definitely became a huge part of my life during college as well. Since then my coffee in take seems to change depending on how busy I am. I love Starbucks but I feel like their prices are constantly increasing! I opt to drink my coffee to go out of my Lilly mug.

  2. Oh, yes. Four cups of coffee a day for me. BIG cups. I cannot stand Starbucks, however. It's way too strong for me. These days I use a Keurig machine that someone kindly gave me. The K-cups are insanely expensive, but you can put your own ground coffee into the machine instead, and that's what I do. I like Green Mountain coffee, and if I have to go out I take it along with me in a travel mug since I can never get good coffee elsewhere. (Except McDonald's. And Dunkin Donuts!)