Monday, January 24, 2011

Kiel James Patrick

The very lovely EAS from "Let the Tide Pull you Dreams Ashore" did a post last week on Kiel James Patrick. T read her original post please follow the link.

Anyway I had never seen these put recall wearing the off white rope bracelets during the summer when I was growin up. So I went to the web site and swoon! Loved it! You can reach the web site by clicking the link here. http://
The web site describes the bracelets as follows:
"A re-creation of the timeless beachside accessory. Our Turk's Head Knot Rope nautical bracelets are braided by hand from high-quality twisted cotton cord in various weathered summer color combinations. The cotton rope used in the bracelets is made in Rhode Island, and each rope bracelet is dyed and braided at Kiel James Patrick by the designer.As kids growing up in the Cape, Kiel and his brother Tom would pick out their sailor bracelets every June. Shrinking them to their wrists under hot water, the rope bracelets would endure an entire summer of havoc and adventures. It was always a terrible moment when at the end of the summer their favorite bracelet would have to be cut off. The KJP Turk's Head Knot Rope bracelet is fastened with our signature button so that you can wear your bracelet when you want to -- and take it off when you need to. "
They have really cute things in all sorts of patterns and even in headbands!

I ordered this cool red one called Narragansett Lifeguard Chairs for my son A who is turning 10 this week. Red is his favorite color. I totally wanted to order a ton of other stuff and likely will order a hearband or two for my daughter and maybe a bracelet for her and my other son after I see how A likes his.

What do you think? I thought these were really cool and they would make a really unique gift.

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  1. I love KJP's products! He is so creative and his Tweets are hilarious!

    Oh BTW, I am hosting a Francesca Joy Palm Beach GIVEAWAY on my blog! Stop on over! :) PLD