Friday, January 7, 2011

The magic of cousins

I never really thoght much about cousins growing up. I was the oldest and my sister three years younger. My dad's siblings had kids but the oldest was 10 years younger. My mom's siblings didn't have any kids. But now, my kids are awash in cousins and it's a great thing. In addition, the cousins that seems like little kids when I was growing up are all now adults and we have a great time together! Family is a wonderful invention, even with its wacky crazy make you nuts sometimes dynamic!

These are my now adult cousins and my sister. I'm in the glasses and green sweater on the end. My sister in is the beige sweater and gray pants on the other end. We always joked about how my sister and the other cousins looked more like sisters than we did!

These are my kids and the cousins on my side of the family. Mine are the three oldest. The boy in the striped sweater and girl in the red patterend dress belong to my cousin. The littlest girl and boy in the plaid shirt are my sisters kids. My kids are the oldest on this side. A will be 10 in a few weeks. They all get along really great and we get together fairly regularly.

This is a picture of the cousins on my husbands side of the family. They are all much older than my kids and there are a ton of them. My husband is the youngest of a family of 9. His oldest brother is my fathers age. This is the younger group of cousins. The older group is out of college, married etc. These kids are also super nice and my kids worship them. The oldest boys are seniors inhigh school and the yougest and my twins at 7. Really a fun time.
Family is a great thing. Cherish yours!

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