Saturday, January 22, 2011

San Francisco Ferry Building

The San Francisco Ferry Building is a very unique landmark in downtown San Francisco. It sits at the foot of Market Street where it meets The Embarcadero. It obviously is where ferries come in from acrross the bay. I don't commute this way but lots of people do and it is apparently quite nice. Anyway, it used to be a very run down icky place. Really only tourists and homeless people hung out there. A few years ago they renovated the whole things. During the summer they have an amazing outdoor farmers market and live jazz. There are restaurants and shops, all with local items. Anyway, yesterday was a beautiful day, sunny and 65. While the rest of the nation is freezing, we are having spring apparently. So I took a walk from my office down to the ferry building in search of some special treats for the weekend.

This is the ferry going across the Bay to Oakland/Alameda. That's Treasure Island and the Bay Bridge in the background. This would be my choice of commute venus if I lived on the other side of the Bay.
The Cowgirl Creamery has just amazing local cheese. They have a triple blue cream that is to die for. I purchased some and hopefully my hubby and I will snack on it this afternoon with a glass of wine. That's assuming A gets his science project done and C doesn't need me to pick her up at Brownies.

The Gardener has all kinds of interesting gadgets. Just fun interesting stuff.

This is a shot from the front of the building. It truely was a beautiful day. It reminds you why this is a great place to live. Yes it's very expensive and admittedly not very preppy but you can't beat the weather!
It's going to be a crazy weekend here. A's science project is due Monday so we have to finalize and assemble it. C has brownies up at the SF Zoo. There are 2 baseball team meetings and A's 10th birthday party to get through as well. Hope your weekend is fun!

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  1. My hubby and I went to SF this past summer, and EVERY single day we found ourselves at the Ferry building. We became obsessed with Blue Bottle coffee and stocked up on picnic supplies daily for our city wanderings. It is such a wonderful're so lucky to have it nearby!