Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year and a New Attitude!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope yours was fabulous, fun and safe. The new year is always a time for reflection and to resolve to do better in the fresh new year. I love New years Day. It seems like a chance to start over. Everything seems possible again. One of my resolutions for this year a to have a more positive attitude and just be happier. I've posted in the past about some of the struggles we have had in our family the last several years. I really feel like 2011 is a turning point. We are so blessed with three healthy children and a happy marriage that has lasted 15 years that it seems a terrible thought that I am not happier.

You may notice I changed the name of my blog. I used to be "Dancing as Fast as I can". As I was pondering the changes I wanted to make this year it seems that even the name of my blog was taking a glass is half empty view of life. I don't want to just juggle life, I want to enjoy it! Anyway, a change was needed.

Truth be told I am a very preppy person. I love plaid and Lilly Pulitzer. But being preppy is more than that. It's manners and tradition and being something inside. I never really thought of it like that until at Christmas Eve dinner. We were at a friends house and having come from mass, my children were all dressed what I considered properly. The boys had khaki cords, white shirts, plaid ties and loafers. The oldest had a navy blue blazer and the youngest a navy sweater vest and pea coat. My daughter had a plaid taffeta dress, white tights and black patent leather mary janes. My friend laughed and laughed and said "You are just so preppy".

That's when it hit me. Yes, I am preppy and I am proud to be that way. I didn't intend that the kids look that way exactly. It's just a question of what was appropriate. It's not always easy to be preppy here in Norther California where laid back is the norm. But I strive to do it.

So welcome 2011. Bring it on! I am ready for you and it's gonna be great!

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